Team Member: Dr Nigel Gale

Nigel Gale, a distinguished plant scientist, brings his expertise in ecological theory to advanced cultivation and operational roles in the cannabis industry. Holding a Ph.D. in Plant Physiological Ecology from the University of Toronto, Nigel has profoundly influenced cultivation strategies within GACP, EU-GMP, and CUMCS frameworks. He is celebrated for introducing top-selling floral SKUs and developing innovative products such as CBD isolates and THCv vape cartridges.

At Phytome, Nigel is set to elevate the drug development process by constructing a world-class cannabis genotype scaffold. His vision extends to exploring new medicinal plant sources beyond cannabis, aiming to treat a diverse array of ailments. Nigel’s previous role as Head of Plant Sciences at Ananda Developments Plc saw him pioneering breeding protocols that markedly improved seed line stability. His tenure as Director of Cultivation at Organigram Inc, and as Master Grower at HEXO Corp, underscores his proficiency in managing large-scale, efficient cultivation operations.

Away from the lab and fields, Nigel immerses himself in the serene beauty of Cornwall. He is often found wandering its picturesque landscapes with his dog Rue, savouring local Cornish pasties, and is gearing up to embrace the challenge of surfing.